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How We Can Help You?

From Product Sourcing and Importation, Storage of Products, Inventory Management, Launching of Online Shops, Drive Traffic to Sites, Order Fulfillment, Shipping and Returns Management, we have what it takes to help you in any part of your eCommerce journey.

How it works?

We provide end-to-end eCommerce Solution for businesses.

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Journey 1:
Product Importation

We help you in Product Sourcing and Importation. Just send us a link of your desired Product and sell it Online.
We can ship from almost any part of the world.

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Journey 2:
Web and Mobile App Development

In need of a Mobile App Developer or simply a Webstore for your business? We got you covered.

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Journey 3:
Channel Management

Are you present in almost all Marketplaces?
We manage all your Online Shops, helping you upload products, uploading promotional banner, monitoring of online inventory and more.

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Journey 4:
Digital Media Strategy

We Optimize your Site for Searchability and help you drive traffic to your sites that can lead to a Sale, helping your "search" become "Organic".
We manage all Social Media Assets and more.

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Journey 5:
Warehouse Management

We can be the back-end of any Online Store. We make sure your products are safe and secure.

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Journey 6:
Inventory Management

We make sure to Monitor Products Online and also Offline, so we can do accurate Sales Reports.

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Journey 7:
Order Fulfillment

We gather and process all orders from all connected Online Stores, doing "kitting" and packing per Order Number.

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Journey 8:
Shipping & Cash on Delivery

We make sure your products are secured and safely delivered to customers, creating client relationships who will do repeat orders.

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Journey 9:
Returns Management

Online Operations can be tricky; various reasons why a customer would want to return a product. Let us handle that for you.

We can help you in any part of your Journey given above, no particular order needed.


Connecting All Hubs

We connect Storage Hubs for faster delivery to end consumer

About the Team

Backed by almost 15 Years in Sales and Distribution, we have come a long way from Offline Distribution since 2006, going Online since 2011, until we decided to empower people through eCommerce in 2018.

Daynes Limson

Founder, CEO

An Entrepreneur since 17 years old, selling various products offline and online. In 2006 she shifted to become one of the Distributors of a very well known Pyrotechnics Brand in the Philippines, Dragon Fireworks, generated 6.5M gross sales in her assigned area.

She’s a self-taught drummer, video editor, and web developer and took a refresher course in CIIT Philippines. She also loves to sing with her college mates, anywhere with KTV and booze. And most of all, she loves being with nature when she needed a time off.

She also loves sharing ideas and her vision to people over a cup of coffee or over a road trip.

While being an Entrepreneur, she tried her skills in the banking industry in 2010, a former Portfolio Actions Officer in Citibank N.A. Philippines. She was awarded one of the Top 10, ranking number 6 in Total Volume. During 2012, she discovered Facebook Ads when she created her page for Dragon Fireworks and from then on she became more interested in Digital Marketing to drive traffic to sites. A former Business Development Manager for a Digital Media Agency.

She had her clarity in 2017, and gave birth to BrandRobin in March 2018.