Why BrandRobin?

BandRobin’s main business model is Warehousing and Order Fulfillment for Online Stores. The company helps Online Sellers to focus on driving traffic to the site by producing Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok content that are more engaging to their “Audience” that can soon lead to a sale. If your Online Store gather orders of 50-200 per day, then it gets serious. The amount of time to fulfill an order can be tough. Luckily, BrandRobin can be your back-end solution for your Online Store. They do Product Importation, Inbounding of products, store it properly, then they do the “kitting” and packing per order number, then sends it to your customers through various shipping methods.

BrandRobin came from the bird, Robin; it is a spring bird where everything grows. The company wanted to spark creativity in every client they meet, because everything starts with an idea, and that’s how the company can help improve human lives; a tailor-fitted solution that will boost their business goals.

The company’s colors represents nature, and the letter R is bigger than the other letters, and it resembles the Rx symbol for “prescription” except it is not an Rx but an R with a “crosshair” or a “target”, as the company is focused to hit Sales Targets through various efforts in running an Online Store.

BrandRobin as Robin, the sidekick for Batman (the brand) because they treat every client as their own through various services that can help their eCommerce journey.

BrandRobin as Robinhood; where it will help generate more jobs for people as they grow and help all Fathers or Mothers bring food on their table.

We are all about empowering more people, and “Only Forward” can people rise to their state. Click HERE for more.